44 Unique Real Estate Newsletter Ideas

Unlock the secrets for a compelling newsletter with these 44 customizable real estate newsletter topics. Next stop: Elevating your newsletter game and connecting with your audience effectively!

Real Estate Prospecting Vs. Marketing 101

Let's clear up the intricate differences between real estate prospecting and marketing. Whether you're a budding agent or an experienced agent who isn't a marketing expert, this analysis helps you understand how to use prospecting and marketing the right way to meet you...

How to accept credit cards for rent Payments

I have owned rental properties for many years and recently we started using a company that allows us to accept credit cards for rent payments. There are pros and cons to accepting credit cards but our tenants love it and they can pay online with many different sources b...

How to Spot Seller Impersonation Fraud

As new types of real estate fraud continually surface, there is a growing need for taking proactive measures to ensure the protection of your customers. One particularly insidious form of deception that has grown this year is targeting vacant lots, with as many as 56% o...

The Secret To Marketing Pocket Listings

Marketing pocket listings provide a unique challenge: let the right audience know about your listing without making too much noise in the industry. We'll touch on what pocket listings are and how you can market them efficiently and quietly.